Bosnia & Herzegovina: Premiere show date changes

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 174 views

The premiere of the 2011 Bosnian entry will be held on Monday the 21st of February instead of Sunday the 20th of February. As already announced, Dino Merlin will be representing Bosnia & Herzegovina at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. Eurovision fans will be familiar with Dino Merlin, as he represented Bosnia Herzegovina at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem.

Although it was previously announced that the premiere of Bosnian song for Eurovision 2010 songs will happen on 20th February, Dejan Kukric, director of BH Eurosong and Head of Delegation, said that due to theschedule of BHRT, the show will nowbe airedonMonday, the 21st of February.

Organisers of BH Eurosong Show 2011 are working overtime and want to prepare a spectacular show, which will last 75 minutes. Dino Merlin’s studio is located just few kilometers away from BHRT home, and the Bosnian staris currently busy with his team finalising the Bosnian entry.

Only afew people have heard the song, but as Avaz, the most popular Bosnian newspaper, writes, those who have heard the song cannot hide their delight. They point out that the song has a rolling rhythm and that after the third stroke, the song gains more life andthusraises the atmosphere.

Due to thehigh popularity of Dino Merlin,the Bosnian artist is receiving many requests for interviews. Thus, for example, he got a request from the Azerbaijani state news agency, for which Merlin said: “I think the artist should be chosen based on their ability to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in the best light. There are many examples where the artists are very popular in their countries, and arenot the right choice for the Eurovision Song Contest forsome reason. In my opinion, there is no exact recipe for the selection ofartists or competitors for the competition.”

The Bosnian 2011 entryhas beenrecorded in three countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and the United States. The promotional CDof the Bosnian entrywill be recorded by the 21s of February.