Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso releases acoustic version of Dance you off

by Stratos Agadellis 1,050 views

He keeps on dancing! Benjamin Ingrosso, the Swedish entrant at this year’s Eurovision, is going on making success with his track Dance you off, for which he recently unveiled an acoustic version.

Following his victory at the Swedish annual national competition Melodifestivalen 2018 last March, the 20-year old Benjamin Ingrosso flew to the Portuguese capital and represented his home country at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, earning a respectable 7th place, giving Sweden its 5th consecutive Top 10 placing.

Despite a powerful and pioneering performance of his entry on the stage in Lisbon, Benjamin has now opted for releasing a calm version of his track. During a visit to London in April, he appears within a retro scenery, full of old furniture and books, playing the piano and letting us enjoy his voice in an acoustic version of his Eurovision entry. Do you like it?

It’s noteworthy that Benjamin was one of this year’s surprises, when it comes to the Grand Final’s voting procedure. That actually because his final result with the national juries (2nd place, 253 points) was really far from the public’s opinion, where he came 23rd with 21 points. Eventually, he ended up 7th with a total of 274 points.

Below you may watch again the Swedish entrant performing at the Altice Arena, on the evening of 12 May: