Cyprus: Eleni Foureira to perform on Fama A Bailar show in Spain

by Stratos Agadellis 2,841 views

The Spanish title of her song has gone viral across the Iberian country! We’re of course talking about the Cypriot 2018 entrant, Eleni Foureira, whose recent 2nd place at Lisbon’s Eurovision Song Contest seems to have opened the doors for further success in Europe and beyond.

Ready to dance again

Following her return to her home country, Greece, Eleni Foureira has preferred not to rest on her laurels, but to immediately arrange her next professional movements, which include a brand new recording contract with Sony Music and plenty of appearances around Europe in the months to come.

In the beginning of her post-Eurovision activity, Eleni is already in Spain, being all set to grace the stage of one of the country’s most popular dancing TV-shows, Fama A Bailar this Sunday 27 May. But she won’t be alone! The show’s dancers will be accompanying her, dancing to her song. The show airs on the Spanish Channel #0 of Movistar+ company.

Having been impressed by Madrid’s beauties, Eleni has posted the following video on her Instagram account:

But this actually is not going to be the first time for Fuego to be heard at Fama A Bailar, as two of its dancers, Valero and Lucía presented an extraordinary choreography, dancing to its rhythm last Sunday. You may watch that part of the show below:

#1 in Spain’s charts

Fuego has drastically raised Eleni Foureira’s popularity in Europe and has been featuring among the first positions of the Spanish charts every day since the Grand Final.

Both the Greek artist as well as the track’s composer, the Greek-Swedish Alex Papaconstantinou, are quite pleased with all the latest developments, which have seen the Cypriot entry climb from average placings to the top of all odds, shortly after the rehearsal’s beginning in Lisbon and then Fuego become a smash hit across the continent.

Eleni Foureira didn’t skip a release of an entire Spanish version of her song, with its lyric video currently approaching 1 million views of YouTube:

Following an internal selection in January, the Greek pop singer Eleni Foureira went on to represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, with the song Fuego. The artist achieved the best ever Eurovision result for the Meditterenean island, coming 2nd with 436 points at the Grand Final.