Eurovision 2019: “Don’t go booking your flights just yet” says the EBU

by Jessica Weaver 5,245 views

Talk is already underway both in Israel and beyond about which city will host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, following Netta’s announcement during her victory speech that we would be going to Jerusalem for next year’s competition. “Not so fast!” says the EBU, who has settled the latest rumours for the time being.

Fans are already eagerly awaiting the confirmation of the host city for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, an announcement which is usually made in the months following the Grand Final of the previous competition.

During Israel’s victory speech at the Eurovision 2018, Netta closed her win with “Next time in Jerusalem”, sparking early discussions about the potential host city for next year.

“Next time in Jerusalem” – Netta, Eurovision 2018 final

Dates have already been circulating online together with the name of the supposed host city, with some fans having already started preparations ahead of next year’s travels.

Hold your horses!

Earlier today, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) posted an update via their official social media accounts, telling fans not to book their flights just yet. Through the official Eurovision Twitter page, the following was posted:

Are you already looking forward to next year’s #Eurovision? Us too! But don’t go booking your flights just yet, for official updates on where and when it’ll take place, keep an eye out for announcements on our official channels.

Since the post was made, many have questioned what the message of the post actually means. Which city will host Eurovision in 2019? Will it even take place in Israel?

Over the coming weeks and months, members of the EBU will fly to Israel in order to discuss possible arrangements for the 2019 competition, where they will also discuss the different options of venues, host cities and even the dates for the contest.

It’s still early days, with Israel only being crowned the winner of Eurovision 2018 just over a week ago, so further information is to be expected in the coming weeks. But what we do know: the host city and the 2019 dates have not been officially decided.