BBC:Russia indeed failed to score in the UK

by Itamar Barak 401 views

In recent days rumours started circulating around various Eurovision websites, saying Austria's 8 points should have really gone to Russia's t.A.T.u. Now the BBC (The United Kingdom's broadcaster), in an unusual step, released the full detalis of the UK's televoting, which confirms the points given by the country last Saturday.

The top 10 scoring countries in the United Kingdom's televoting were as follows:
1. Ireland: 86,653 votes
2. Sweden: 41,099 votes
3. Austria: 40,521 votes
4. Turkey: 37,280 votes
5. Norway: 31,050 votes
6. Belgium: 30,631 votes
7. Germany: 29,706 votes
8. Estonia: 26,563 votes
9. Poland: 25,972 votes
10.Netherlands: 24,269 votes.

Russia only came 12th in the UK's televoting with 23,497 votes. Bosnia-Herzegovina received the lowest number of votes: 3,845. 574,515 votes in total were counted.

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