Adults in the USA react to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

by Jessica Weaver 4,648 views

We’ve all had time to take in the results of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, which saw Israel gaining their fourth victor of the competition in history; now it’s time to find out what viewers from the other side of the Atlantic feel about the contest in the annual React videos from Fine Brothers Entertainment.

Last Saturday saw the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest taking place in the host city of Lisbon, in which a total of 26 countries competed in the final with hopes of earning the 63rd victory of the competition.

Israel, with Netta and the song Toy, was the eventual winner of this year’s competition, gaining a total of 529 points in the Grand Final.

Israel’s winning performance at Eurovision 2018

Adults in the USA react

In the return of the annual React content, Fine Brothers Entertainment has produced an Adults React to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 video, in which adults from the USA offer their thoughts and opinions on the top 10 entries from the Grand Final of the competition, predicted where each entry placed in the top 10 on the night.

From Vikings to comedic door-play to the big top 2 entries, check out how the adults reacted to all of the top 10 entries at the Eurovision 2018 final!

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