Cyprus: Did Angela Merkel vote for Eleni Foureira?

by Stratos Agadellis 7,228 views

This is a piece of news which no one was expecting! As it seems and has probably been proven throughout the years, the Eurovision Song Contest doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, even the European political leaders. In the aftermath of this year’s competition in Lisbon, we found out details about Angela Merkel’s favourite song!

One of Europe’s and the world’s most powerful political figures, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have voted for… Eleni Foureira and her song Fuego last Saturday!

In a more relaxed moment of the EU-Western Balkan Summit, which took place yesterday in Sofia, Bulgaria, the political leaders made a short reference to last week’s Eurovision Grand Final, with several of them making comments and sharing their opinions. Then, the German Chancellor spoke on the microphone, saying a loud… Fuego!

This opinion seems to have found the French President Emmanuel Macron in agreement, as he smiled and closed his eye.

The news was reproduced in the news bulletin of the TV channel Alpha Cyprus. Being totally surprised and unable to believe it, the Cypriot entrant shared the highlight with the Chancellor’s comment with her fans on her social media and welcomed her to #teamfoureira, her fan club!

Xavier Bettel by her side too

Besides Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, there is yet another European political leader that seems to have been mesmerised by Eleni’s song and dynamic Eurovision performance. Although his country doesn’t participate in the contest anymore, the Luxembourgish Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and his husband Gauthier Destenay were there in Lisbon to watch the contest live.

A few moments before the final’s beginning, the couple had asked to personally meet Eleni Foureira and offered her the Marcel Besançon Artistic Award for 2018. Proud of her, Eleni Foureira’s record label Panik Records shared the following picture from the meeting:

Below you may recall her performance on Altice Arena’s stage at the Grand Final. Eleni Foureira came 2nd with a total 436 points; this marks the best Eurovision result for Cyprus to date.