Finland: Running order for Euroviisut 2011 decided

by Alexandru Busa 68 views

The national broadcaster of Finland (YLE) has decided the running order of this year's Euroviisut. Ten acts will compete for the honour to represent the Northern European country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 to be held in Germany. The Finnish national final will take place in the European capital of culture, Turku, on February 12th.

Jaana Pelkonen together with Tom Nylund will host this year's Finnish national final to be held in Turku, this year's European capital of culture. Former member of the Lordi band, Sampsa Astala will try to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time in his career by participating with his new project Stala & So.

This is how the running order for this year's Finnish national final is looking like:

  1. Eveliina Määttä – Dancing in the dark
  2. Sami Hintsanen – Täältä maailmaan
  3. Milana Misic – Sydämeni kaksi maata
  4. Paradise Oskar – Da da dam
  5. Cardiant – Rapture in time
  6. Johanna Iivanainen – Luojani mun
  7. Father McKenzie – Good enough
  8. Marko Maunuksela – Synkän maan tango
  9. Saara Aalto – Blessed with love
  10. Stala & So – Pamela

Finland will compete in the first half of the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.