Norway: Second chance for Gatas Parlament and Pernille & Marius .

by Tom Espen Hansen 206 views

This weekend the last chance in Melodi Grand Prix, where the third and fourth places from this year's semifinals will duel for the last two tickets to the final in Oslo Spektrum. Also, the top two fifth places get a second chance, and it is now clear that Gatas Parlament and Pernille & Marius got the most votes from TV viewers.

Pernille was thrilled by the news, hoping that her partner on stage Marius will recover from a flu. But he promises to be back on his feet in time by next weekend. They are both looking forward to the chance to sing their song one more time.

As just reported, one of the trailers that carried the MGP stage from Skien to Sarpsborg was stolen.

Aslak from Gatas Parlament was quick to take the blame for the theft."To NRK: Let's be on the MGP otherwise you will never see the stage again," he wrote on Twitter.Project Manager at NRK, Skjalg Solstad, laughingly denies that the "threat" has had any impact on the result. Now that the trailer is found we can say with great certainty that Gatas Parlament has had no hand in this matter, and it is the public who voted Gatas Parlament on, and not NRK he adds.

Gatas Parlament has not been lazy since they participated in the semifinal of Ørland. The boys have been on tour since, and in two weeks made a number of concerts. They have played their song over 30 times since their appearence in MGP, and despite the funny Twitter message, the group was actually prepared that MGP was now over, as they already are booked for two gigs this weekend. Nevertheless, the group promises to be ready to Sarpsborg, looking forward to work with the proffecional guys at NRK.

Siste sjansen is organized as a cup, where two and two artists compete against each other, and the winner goes on. The setup is as follows:

Duel 1: Use Me vs. Pernille & Marius

Duel 2: Sie Gubba vs. Mimi Blix

Duel 3: Gatas Parlament vs. The Lucky Bullets

Duel 4: Endre vs. Susperia

Winner of duel 1 will then face the winner of duel 2, and then 3 against 4. The winners of those battles will go to Oslo Spektrum.

Project Manager Skjalg Solstad explains the background to the layout:

– For the most fair cupoppsett we have undertaken a seeding, so that two third places meets the two 5th places.

– In duels, we have also emphasized that the artists must face an opponent they have not previously competed against before. These are four very interesting and varied challenges to look forward to on Saturday.