Norway's MGP stage stolen!

by Tom Espen Hansen 431 views

Parts of the stage used in this year's ongoing Eurovision Song Contest selection show, Melodi Grand Prix were sensationally stolen last night. They were loaded on a truck that wa stolen. The vehicle was recovered in good condition in neighbouring Sweden.

The trailer containing parts of the Melodi Grand Prix stage was parked at an operation centre south of Oslo on Monday night on it's way to Sarpsborg for this week's 'Another chance round'. During the night, the trailer was stolen andaccording to NRK. it was found in Sweden earlier today.

The trailer was opened by Swedish police, and fortunately for the 2010Eurovision Song Contest hostbroadcaster,nothing had been removed. NRK'sproducer Dag Hvaringconfirmed to VG Nett that "Everything was neatly packed as we had left it".

He expects that the stage is in place in Sarpsborg, the venue for the 'Siste sjansen (last chance)" on Tuesday.

The trailer has a tracking system that allowed the police to trace it. Norwegian policecontacted the Swedish police, hoping to stop the trailer with the MGP stage.

At 12:30pm parts of the trailer was found in Skåne in Sweden. A Polish 25-year-old was arrested for the robbery of the trailer. The trailer, which had been fitted with false registration plates, is now in the hands of Helsingborgs police, awaiting further investigation and contact with the Norwegian police.

Per Sundnes, co-host of MGP, says he is very relieved and is now sure that everything will be ok in Sarpsborg on Saturday.