Live: Nationaal Songfestival 2011

by Edward Montebello 102 views

Tonight the Dutch national final better known as the Nationaal Songfestival 2011 will take place in Hilversum at the Studio 21. The internally selected 3JS will perform five songs and one entry will be selected to represent The Netherlands in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

How to watch:

Live on NED 1 (TROS) Astra 1G (19.2E)

Webcast – click here

The song titles:

  1. Ga dan niet
  2. De stroom
  3. Toen ik jou vergat
  4. Weelderig waardeloos
  5. Je vecht nooit alleen

The show:

The Dutch final kicks-off with a preview of some winning songs including 1975 Dutch winning entry performed by Teach-in.

The host of the show Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau explains the procedure for this year's national final contested by five songs.

Yolanthe presents the panel of five juries that includes 2008 representative Hind and René Froger of De Toppers who competed in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

Song 1: Ga dan niet

3JS start singing the batch of five songs. They start with a rock ballad song which also has its beat to make it more flowing with the viewers. The long notes need some fine tuning. It is an average entry which has no guarantee of securing a qualification to the final for The Netherlands.

Song 2: De stroom

The song is a more easy listening song. The up tempo song is being well performed by the lead singer as the trio is also joined by two female backing vocals. The chorus is catchy but one may say that this song can grow if it is performed in English. The bridge of the song makes a build-up for the last chorus which is well received by the live audience.

Song 3: Toen ik jou vergat

This is a more slow-blues entry. The voice projection is very good and the rock guitar is giving this song a mark that distinguishes from the already performed songs. The song may be good to listen on the radio or in a concert but it may get lost in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Song 4: Weelderig waardeloos

This is a more traditional song. The trio is sitting on a stool and that shows a relaxing presentation of the song. The use of traditional guitars is highly noticed in the composition of this entry. The song is a mix of everything with some intensity.

Song 5: Je vecht nooit alleen

The song creates interest from the very beginning. It is a modern rocky up tempo song. The lead artist sings with great passion. The song can do well with some arrangements in the composition to make it sound stronger. The last entry can is well greeted by the live audience. If performed in English this song can seriously challenge for a Dutch qualification to the final.

The host of the show appeals to the public to vote as they have 50% of the outcome. The remaining 50% will be up to the jury. A recap of the five songs is currently shown.

A preview of past Dutch entries in the Eurovision Song Contest is aired.

Je vecht nooit alleen wins the jury choice.

The host will announce the public vote soon.

Je vecht nooit alleen wins also the public vote thus the song will represent The Netherlands in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest.