Eurovision 2018: Results of the Grand Final Commentators’ Poll

by Jessica Weaver 8,999 views

Only hours to go until the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, in which the votes from the 43 competing countries will be finalised and determined for this year’s competition. Here at ESCToday ahead of tonight’s live show, we can now officially present the results of the secret Commentators’ Poll!

Since their arrival to Lisbon earlier this week, we at ESCToday have conducted a secret poll amongst the commentators across the 43 participating countries, in which they have had their say to determine who they believe can take home the winning trophy this evening.

Voting was conducted in top-Eurovision style, with commentators being asked to rank entries with 8, 10 and 12 points. The top 15 of the Commentators’ Poll has been determined of tonight’s Grand Final, but first let’s see who voted in ESCToday’s Commentators’ Poll!

Voting commentators

In total, 15 commentators have cast their votes in our Commentators’ Poll for 2018, with commentators from across the continent partaking in our secret poll.

  • Albania: Andri Xhahu
  • Belgium: Peter Van de Veire
  • Bulgaria: Elena Rosberg and Georgi Kushvaliev
  • Denmark: Ole Tøpholm
  • Finland: Mikko Silvennoinen
  • Finland (Swedish): Eva Frantz and Johan Lindroos
  • FYR Macedonia: Karolina Petrovska
  • Latvia: Tom Grevins
  • Lithuania: Darius Uzkuraitis
  • Portugal: Nuno Galopim
  • Slovenia: Andrej Hofer
  • Spain: Julia Varela
  • Spain: Toni Aguilar

Top 15 results of the Commentators’ Poll

Here are the results of the combined votes from the 15 voting commentators, with the top 15 results of the Grand Final being as follows:

1. Israel: 114 points
2. France: 62 points
3. Estonia: 36 points
4. Sweden: 26 points
5. Cyprus: 24 points
=. Norway: 24 points
7. Bulgaria: 20 points
8. The Netherlands: 18 points
9. Czech Republic: 12 points
=. Ireland: 12 points
11. Spain: 10 points
12. Australia: 8 points
=. Germany: 8 points
=. Moldova: 8 points
=. Italy: 8 points