ESCToday Editors’ Poll: Here is our editors’ Top 10!

by Stratos Agadellis 6,438 views

It’s only a matter of hours for the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 to be crowned. But everyone’s current question is: who will it be? Who’s gonna make his/her country proud tonight and bring the competition on home soil next year? And apart from that, which other contestants will accompany the winner in the top positions?

While the bookies’ polls and odds are reaching their peak, the ESCToday editors have made their own prediction for this year’s Top 10. Following the two previous semi-final polls, which successfully predicted 6/10 qualifiers from the first semi-final and 8/10 qualifiers from the second show, all editors were asked to share their opinion on their ideal final outcome.

Cyprus wins the editors’ poll!

A joint result has emerged and ESCToday is now pleased to announce it. Cyprus with Eleni Foureira and Fuego are the winners of our poll, while the Top 10 is closed by Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso and his song Dance you off:

  1. Cyprus
  2. France
  3. Israel
  4. Ukraine
  5. Moldova
  6. Germany
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Denmark
  9. Italy
  10. Sweden

Do you agree with our results? Who would be your own ideal winner and Top 10? Feel free to share your thoughts!