Tonight: Song selection for 3JS

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Tonight The Netherlands will decide upon their entry to be performed by the internally selected 3JS in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The trio will perform five songs and the winning song will be selected by a 50/ 50 public and jury vote.

The show:

The national final will be broadcasted at 21:20 CET from Hilversum at the Studio 21. The show will be presented by Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau. 2008 Dutch representative Hind will be amongst the jury that will have half the weight upon the decision for this year’s Dutch entry.

Last July 3JS were announced as the Dutch representatives for the next Eurovision Song Contest. 3JS is a Dutch boy band which consists of Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman and Jaap de Witte. The band was founded in 2002 and its name is based on the first letter of the band members' names.

The song titles:

1. De stroom (The stream)
2. Nooit alleen (Never alone)
3. Geef mij een naam (Give me a name)
4. Toen ik jou vergat (When I forgot you)
5. Weelderig waardeloos (Luxuriously worthless)

You can listen to fragments of the participating songs:

How to watch:

Live on NED 1 (TROS) Astra 1G (19.2E)

Webcast: – click here

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