Eurovision 2018: Live updates from the semi-final 2 jury show

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One semi-final down, one to go! Tonight is the night that 50% of the second semi-final votes are set to be determined by the voting jury members. The artists are ready to take to the stage this evening, hoping to earn the votes on the jury ahead of tomorrow night’s live show.

Tonight sees the remaining 18 semi-finalists taking to the Altice Arena stage in Lisbon, with 50% of the final vote set to be decided tonight. Jury members from the 18 participating semi-final 2 countries, along with the members from France, Germany and Italy, will vote in tonight’s jury show, with their votes set to be added to the public votes tomorrow evening.

As with last night, only 10 countries will advance from the second semi-final, joining the 10 semi-final 1 qualifiers along with the ‘Big 5’ countries and the host, Portugal. In total, 26 acts will compete in Saturday’s grand final.

The 4 hosts are back and ready to open tonight’s semi-final 2 jury show (with a bit of a slip-up on the French translation!).

Copyright: Tobias Wenzel

01 Norway

Opening with the 1,500 song of the Eurovision Song Contest is Alexander Rybak with his song That’s how you write a song. It’s a great opening performance for the second semi-final, with Rybak sticking with his usual Melodi Grand Prix performance. Alexander starts his performance with a little laugh, then gets into his routine.

Alexander brings his professionalism to the stage together with his usual energy, along with his dancers. It’s a sure qualification for the Norwegian singer.

02 Romania

The Humans are next onstage tonight with their entry Goodbye. The group are joined onstage by their mannequins and are mainly dressed in white, with the lead localist in purple. It’s a busy performance from the group as a whole, with nice vocals throughout.

Despite its quirks, there’s something generally lacking from the performance to make it complete. It may not be a stand out on the night, however the public may appreciate the staging for its uniqueness.

03 Serbia

Balanika is onstage next today with their entry Nova deca, taking to the stage in their traditional style we expect from the Balkan entries. They’re all dressed in black and white, in outfits all matching.

The vocals are strong as expected from the Serbian group, with songs of this style from Serbia typically qualifying in previous years. The jury may well appreciate this and the simplicity of the choreography.

04 San Marino

Jessika and Jenifer are up next for San Marino with their song Who we are. The duo are, as usual, joined by their robot friends, 4 to be exact. Jessika kicks off the performance, soon joined by Jenifer with her rap section of the song.

The robots play their usual part in the performance, holding up yet another sign with some new words: “Sometimes” and “Size doesn’t matter”. Vocally the duo are strong and the robots will attract the viewers, however whether it will appeal to the jury is another matter.

05 Denmark

Next up is Rasmussen with his song Higher ground, featuring his Danish vikings! His usual staging is back from his Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performance, with additional flags to wave throughout. The stage members command the stage throughout the whole performance, really adding to the vibe of the entry.

Copyright: Tobias Wenzel

Vocally Rasmussen was flawless, with snow falling at the end to complete the performance. The choreography throughout works extremely well and really gets the audience going. Another positive performance from Denmark.

06 Russia

Julia Samoylova takes to the stage with her 3 backing vocalists and 2 dancers, competing with her entry I won’t break. It’s a shaky start for Julia with her vocals onstage, however once the backing vocalists kick in during the chorus, the vocals begin to improve.

Much of the performance is focussed on the 2 dancers onstage, who perform in front of Julia who is perched on a mountain. The performance vocally is not the strongest, with the backing vocalists playing a big part in Russia’s performance, however the staging itself is nice.

07 Moldova

DoReDos have taken to the stage for Moldova with their entry My lucky day, and boy is it a performance! DoReDos bring the humour, the acting and the energy to the stage for their performance. DoReDos and their backing performers know how to draw attention to them onstage, which will definitely grab the viewers on the night.

The vocals are not the strongest, admittedly, however the performance as a package is fantastic and will get votes from the jury based on the performance elements as a whole. We will see Moldova in Saturday’s final.

08 Netherlands

Returning artist Waylon takes to the stage for the Netherlands tonight with his entry Outlaw in ’em. Waylon is onstage with his backing band, who also dancer throughout the performance. It’s unusual staging choice from the Netherlands this year.

Waylon vocally cannot be faulted, who is a consistent performer as a whole, however the backing dancers breaking into break dancing my lose viewers on the night. Performance wise, the Netherlands may gain votes from the jury.

09 Australia

Jessica Mauboy from Australia is onstage next with her entry We got love. The singer is alone onstage, wearing a short purple shiny dress. Jessica starts her performance with some unsteady notes, however the singer soon gets into the performance and perform better throughout.

During the latter half of the performance, towards the bigger notes, Jessica sounds a little off on the night, however this shouldn’t effect the singer’s overall result.

10 Georgia

Iriao are next tonight for Georgia, all taking to the stage in their suits ready to perform. The group are close together onstage throughout, connecting well during the song and performance.

Vocally the group are strong, despite a few wobbles at the start of the performance, however the group grew into the song well with barely any other flaws. Again, this may not attract the viewers on the night due to its simplicity, but it may be a different story for the jury.

11 Poland

Gromee and Lukas take to the stage next tonight, performing their entry Light me up for Poland. Lukas cannot be vocally flawed this evening, hitting all the notes needed during tonight’s performance. Gromee also played his part too, performing some entertaining handography throughout.

The performance is similar to that of Norway last year, but with definite difference between the 2. Lots of energy from Poland this year, with qualification looking likely.

12 Malta

Next up is Christabelle from Malta with her entry Taboo. Four LED screens take centre stage with the singer, who is later joined by a backing dancer. The screens feature a number of images, such as people trapped behind glass and lighting effects. It’s a stunning performance from Malta tonight.

The camera effects also play a part, with a heart featuring in front of the singer at one point before cameras pan out. The message of the song comes across well onstage, sure to gain support from both the public and juries.

13 Hungary

AWS is onstage next tonight with their rock-metal entry, and it really is a performance. The band are together onstage, but scattered at different points and places. The lead singer opens the song, with band members featuring prominently throughout.

The lead singer really hits those difficult notes we all know whilst moving around onstage, something which is a difficult task. The band work extremely well together onstage, with crowd surfing taking place with the guitarist. It’s a fun performance tonight from Hungary!

14 Latvia

Laura Rizzotto of Latvia is onstage now with her song Funny girl. Laura wears her beautiful flowing red gown and performs on her own centre stage. The stage is also filled in red, with red being the obvious theme of the song.

Laura performs well onstage tonight with no vocal flaws, which should appeal to the jury. Whether the public will agree is another matter.

15 Sweden

Here is Benjamin Ingrosso of Sweden with his song Dance you off, with the singer taking to the stage alone tonight. The performance as a whole is pretty much the same as that from Melodifestivalen, which is what we tend to expect from Sweden.

Benjamin performs his usual choreography onstage with the lights surrounding him in shades of red and white, which looks effective on camera. A sure qualification for Sweden this year.

16 Montenegro

Vanja from Montenegro takes to the stage with his entry Inje. Vanja is onstage with his backing vocalists, all of whom wear white dresses and perform behind and around the singer throughout. It’s similar choreography to what we’ve seen from Montenegro in the last, which usually fares well for the country at Eurovision.

Vanja is a great vocalist and tonight is no exception, with all notes being hit flawlessly. Jury may appreciate this, however the public may not. Combined? We’ll have to see what happens.

17 Slovenia

Lea Sirk is next with her entry Hvala, ne! for Slovenia. Lea is onstage with her 4 backing dancers, performing the same choreography as that from her EMA performance. Black is the main colour onstage today, as is always the case for Lea.

The lighting drops mid performance, giving the effect that the music has gone and the staging has stopped, however it’s an effect to get the audience energised for the next part of the performance. It’s a clever trick and sure to get the audience talking on the night.

18 Ukraine

Melovin is the final artist onstage tonight with his entry Under the ladder. Melovin starts his performance in what seems like a tomb, before being lifted up to reveal that he is in fact under the piano top. The singer then takes to the stage for his performance.

Melovin is strong throughout the performance, performing at the piano towards the end with fire and flames flying around the singer. It’s a strong performance from Ukraine tonight.


Following the recap, an interval of comedy clips followed, similar to those from the first semi-final, with a routine of former Eurovision entries performed by the hosts themselves.

The fake qualifiers of the evening were as follows:

  • Latvia
  • Netherlands
  • Serbia
  • Russia
  • Malta
  • Hungary
  • Australia
  • Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Poland