Romania: Hotel FM to revamp Eurovision entry

by Alexandru Busa 74 views

This year's Romanian representatives, Hotel FM, have announced moments ago that their Eurovision entry will be revamped in order to increase their chances to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. A symphonic flavour will be added to their song's orchestration as they collaborated with the Oradea Philharmonic violinists and other instrumentalists, and the final result promises to be very good.

The lead singer of Hotel FM, David Bryan, has stated the following: "We are working on a neworchestration. I was not happy with the original version, which was made from one day to another. Now the song sounds better, is much more dynamic and open."

These days, the three members of the Hotel FM bandare in Bucharest (they live in Oradea) where they will have a busy schedule: meetings with stylists, photo shoots, several recording sessions, interviews, appearances in various TV shows. Thus, the public will have the opportunity to see them live at the following shows:

  • Tonomatul DP2 (Friday, 28 January, at 8.10 pm on TVR 2)
  • Ne vedem laTVR! (Saturday, January 29, from 15:15 on TVR 1)
  • Super Offer: Hotel FM! (Sunday, January 30, from 21.10 pm on TVR International)

"I have not yet heard the whole song, but it's really OK. Must be ready until next week when we shoot the official previewvideo.", said David Bryan, the lead singer of Hotel FM.

Moreover, it was announced that a special press conference of Hotel FM and TVR will be held on January 31st at the Rin Hotel. will be there so stay tuned for more details regarding this year's Romanian hopefuls.

Romania will participate in the second semi final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.