Finland celebrates 50 years of Eurovision

by Alexandru Busa 87 views

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Finland's first Eurovision participation. The Finnish national television (YLE) is going to broadcast special shows in order to highlight the contest's importance on the music industry of the Scandinavian country.

Finland debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest 1961 when Laila Kinnunen represented the country with her song Valoa ikkunassa (Light in the window). Since then, the Scandinavian nation managed to win the European favourite music show once as hard rock monster band Lordi surprisingly took the trophy of the 2006 edition and gave Finland the honour of hosting next year's contest.

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Finland's first Eurovision participation, YLE will broadcast special related shows such as the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 when the Scandinavian country won the contest for the first time. This is how the YLE special schedule is looking like :

  • February 5th – Finnish 50 Years history in Eurovision in 50 minutes
  • April 26th – Euroviisut 1973
  • April 30th – The secret history of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • April 30th – Eurovision Song Contest 2006 (final)
  • May 3rd – Euroviisut 1974

Finland will compete in the first semi final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.