Armenia: National final on February 19th

by Victor Hondal 44 views

Armenian branch of the international fan network OGAE reports that Armenia will see its national final for Eurovision 2011 on February 19th. A total of four songs will be sung by Emmy, and the winner will be decided through a mixture of jury vote and televoting at a 50/50 split. Besides that, it seems that after all, Mihran will not join Emmy on stage.

Armenian Public Television shortlisted today 15 entries out of the 70 received songsfrom both Armenian and foreign songwriters. Next week, Art Council of Armenian Public Television and Emmy will select 4 entries to go through the televised final, which is to be held on 1the 9th of February. The winning song will be chosen via televoting and jury voting at a 50/50 split. The name of composers will be announced during the next week.

Moreover, the Armenian representative in Düsseldorf has denied rumours claiming that she will perform along with Mihran in the Esprit Arena: “It’s a misunderstanding. I said that I spoke to Mihran and he promised to help me, it doesn’t mean at all that we will represent Armenia in the duet. Maybe we will collaborate with him, but when and how, everything will be clear after the song selection.

Gohar Gasparyan, the Head of Armenian delegation also explained: “Mihran is our good friend and a unique professional. We will be happy to collaborate with him as a choreographer, dancer or show director. But we can talk about that only after our eurovision song is selected.”