FYR Macedonia: National final on February 26th

by Victor Hondal 70 views

Moments ago, the public broadcaster of FYR Macedonia announced the 20 entries to compete in Skopje 2011, the country's selection for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The show will take place on February 26th.

MKRTV has informed that a total of 88 entries were received in order to take part in Skopje 2011 and therefore represent FYR Macedonia in Düsseldorf. An internal jury shortlisted the following 20. Note that the singers' names listed below are nicknames. The actual singers will be decided in a meeting between MKRTV and the composers of the songs at a later date.

  • Mir – Ne se menyva lyubovta
  • Mravka – Ludost
  • Natan – Tuga si
  • Shto Bilo – Na kraj
  • Vakym – Greshka
  • Rolex – Ne mi trebash
  • Bm_sjaj_21 – Te krade toj
  • Sandi – Lazham deka ne boli
  • 2mix – Paranoia
  • Sedumka – Sekoj den
  • Shybara – Rusinka
  • Zorica – Znaesh li
  • Balkan – Ostavi politika pojachaj ton
  • Gajda – Pam tam tam
  • Pak – Sekogash nekoj bredi poveke
  • Texas Holdem – Kockar
  • Bozhji Pateki – Bozhji Pateki
  • Arlekin – Neka e so pomin
  • Nane – Vo mojot svet imash dom
  • Shyphra 3 – Ne vrakaj se

FYR Macedonia's national final will take place on February 26th at the Universal Hall in Skopje at 20:30 CET.

In the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, FYR Macedonia will compete in the second semifinal, to take place on May 12th.

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