Lisbon Bound: Second rehearsals continue with Cyprus, Norway and Romania

by Jessica Weaver 2,340 views

Day 6 of rehearsals are here at the Lisbon venue, in which artists will continue to enter the stage for either their first or second rehearsals for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Starting with second rehearsals and moving on to the automatic finalists first rehearsals, today is set to be a busy day at the Altice Arena!

Today we move on to the sixth day of rehearsals at the Altice Arena, in which artists from a total of 15 countries will take to the stage for a mix of first and second rehearsals.

Finishing off the first semi-finalists second rehearsals, today we will see the first 5 artists of the second semi-final taking to the stage for their second rehearsals, later to be joined by the acts from the ‘Big 5’ nations as well as Portugal for their first rehearsals of the competition.

19 | Cyprus

Eleni Foureira, Cyprus’s representative, is up next onstage today for her second rehearsal. The singer will close the first semi-final next Tuesday with her entry Fuego. Check out the official footage from Cyprus’s second rehearsal.

Have a look at the first images from Cyprus’s second rehearsal.

01 | Norway

Moving on to the second semi-final participants, with Norway and Alexander Rybak’s second rehearsal of the competition. The returning Eurovision winner will open the second semi-final next Thursday with his entry That’s how you write a song. Here is the first official footage from Norway’s second rehearsal.

Here’s a look at the first official images from Norway’s second rehearsal.

02 | Romania

Romania’s The Humans took to the stage following a lunch break, performing onstage for the second time for their next rehearsal. The group will compete in semi-final 2 on the 10 May with their entry Goodbye. Check out the exclusive footage from Romania’s second rehearsal.

Have a look at the first images from Romania’s second rehearsal.