Norway: Alexander Rybak shares Eurovision 2018 violin jam part 2

by Alex Vovidis 578 views

The two-time representative of Norway seems to never disappoint us; his latest release is a medley from the 2018 Eurovision songs and more specifically, the second part of his previous “Eurovision 2018 violin jam” project.

Alexander Rybak keeps amazing us more and more everyday with his achievements. After rehearsing for the first time on Tuesday morning with great acceptance by both the public and press, he shares the second part of the Eurovision 2018 violin jam. This time with a post on his personal Facebook account, with which he lets us know that he is currently sick, probably facing a short illness.

What’s interesting is that in the tease video he chose the part of Oniro mou by Yianna Terzi and as you will see in the post in less than three hours, he has reached more than 4,000 views.

In the full video, apart from Greece’s song, he also covers Alekseev’s Forever, Sennek’s A matter of time and Lie to me by Mikolas Josef. In the description, along with a get well soon message, he made a small oblation on how Mikolas has made our souls dance and have fun.

The post on Facebook:

Enjoy the part two below!