Lisbon Bound: Beginning day 4 of rehearsals with Georgia

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Day 4 of rehearsals is here! Today, the remaining semi-final 2 participants will take to the Eurovision 2018 stage in the host city of Lisbon, ready for their first set of official stage rehearsals for the competition. Georgia is the first country onstage today, kicking off the fourth day of rehearsals.

It’s the fourth day of Eurovision 2018 rehearsals at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, where the first rehearsal for the semi-finalists will conclude with the remaining semi-final 2 participants. A further 9 acts will take to the stage today; let’s see how their rehearsals go!

Kicking off today’s rehearsals is the Georgian group Iriao, who will open the second half of the second semi-final next Thursday with their entry For you.

A calming song with a calming theme takes to the stage for the continuation of the second semi-final, with a chilled theme throughout the entire Georgian performance.

First look at Georgia’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

The 5 stage-present members are dressed in smart clothing with the 3 vocalists wearing suits. The singers are joined by a guitarist and keyboard player onstage for the performance.

Reds, blues and whites complete the lighting of the Georgian staging, creating a simplistic yet effective staging for Iriao, with their powerful vocals being the focus of the song. Smoke takes over the stage towards the latter part of the performance… lots of it.

A sweet performance from Georgia and a nice opening to day 4 of rehearsals. Work could potentially be made to the connection of the group onstage with the cameras, but all in all  Iriao have done well.

Official first rehearsal clip of Georgia 2018

Georgia’s first rehearsal in images

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