Exclusive: Hotel FM speak to esctoday.com

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Hotel FM, the group representing Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, took some time off in order to answer to our questions about the preparations for the big event and the Eurovision Song Contest in general.

Hello! Congratulations for being victorious at Selectia Nationala 2011! How do you feel as the representative of Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011?

Proud and very responsible.

What should the international fans know about Hotel FM?

We are a Romanian band with fresh European sound and radio friendly. Honest people who love music, not just sounds.

What's the message behind of your song Change?

Time is too precious to lose us in small things and in orderto dream, to change something and put things in motion, we need unity.

What do you think about how the nationalselection was organized? Are you satisfied with TVR's team?

Everything was perfect, beyond our expectations.

What are Hotel FM's goals for 2011?

We want to release our first album and show to the audience that Hotel FM isn't just a one hit wonder, counting on a good promotion in Romania as well as worldwide.

What does the Eurovision Song Contest represent for you?

The Eurovision is an important step in the career of any artist, a springboard for a lesser known band which entails a great exposure both nationally and internationally.

Do you think that Romania could get a better result at Eurovision than last year?

Ft, a very difficult question,we hope so, it's not impossible. In any case we want the Romanians to feel proud of us.

Among the songs that won the Eurovision over time, which is your favorite and why?

Over thetime there were many beautiful pieces, here we can remember Abba's Waterloo that meant a spark in their careers. Hopefully a similar thing willhappen to us. Of course, let's not forget Johnny Logan, Céline Dion and many others.

Do you have any message for the readers of esctoday.com?

Vote only for you favourites, not geopolitically. Vive la musique!

Hotel FM will represent Romania at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

esctoday.com would like to thank Hotel FM for this interview and wish them the best of luck at the Eurovision Song Contest.