Lisbon Bound: Starting day 2 of rehearsals with FYR Macedonia

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Rehearsals are underway in the host city of Lisbon, with artists from across the competing semi-final 1 nations of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest are currently taking to the official stage for the very first time. Day 2 of rehearsals kick off with Eye Cue from FYR Macedonia!

We’re back at the Altice Arena in Lisbon for the second day of Eurovision rehearsals, where today a total of 9 artists from the first semi-final will be taking to the stage for the first time for their first set of rehearsals onstage.

Kicking off today’s rehearsals is FYR Macedonia’s Eye Cue, the group which open the second half of the first semi-final on the 8 May.

For unknown reasons, the press centre was unable to see the first set of the rehearsals from FYR Macedonia, only being able to see the final performance.

Eye Cue member Marija takes to the stage wearing a fairly short pink outfit, singing throughout in close connection with the guitarist and drummer. The backing vocalists wear black outfits featuring red frills around the waist.

First look at FYR Macedonia’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

There were plenty of interesting camera angles and jump cuts included throughout FYR Macedonia’s rehearsal, especially during the first half of the performance, bringing the entry alive onstage.

It’s a bright and colourful performance from the nation on the Eurovision stage. A nice performance as a whole and a good start to the day.

Official first rehearsal clip of FYR Macedonia 2018

FYR Macedonia’s first rehearsal in images

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