Eurovision 2018: Here are the names in the expert juries

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What are the names of the people who will be providing 50% of the votes at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest? We now know who will vote as part of the expert jury for each of the 43 participating countries!

Since 2009, the votes of the Eurovision Song Contest have been decided in 2 halves: one half of the vote is determined via a public vote, whilst the remaining 50% is decided via an expert jury.

How the expert jury votes are combined and presented have changed over the years on many occasions, with the public and jury votes now being presented in 2 separate groups to build the excitement within the competition.

Eurovision 2018 juries revealed

Who will be behind the country’s expert jury panel in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Earlier today, the EBU unveiled their names and presented them via the official Eurovision website.

In total, each country’s jury will comprise of 5 members and will determine 50% of the final outcome. The jury votes will be presented via the official spokesperson on the night of the final, ahead of the public votes.

It has been confirmed that 215 jury members will vote in total, all of whom will vote during the jury events of each show taking place the evening before the official live shows.

Jury requirements

In order to be a members of the jury, each member should reach the following requirements:

  • Members of the jury must not have been part of the jury in the previous two years;
  • Members of the jury must be at least 16 years old on the day they vote;
  • Members of the jury must not be employees of Participating Broadcasters;
  • Members of the jury must pursue a profession in or related to the music industry;
  • Members of the jury shall be citizens of the country they represent;
  • No member of a jury shall be connected in any way with any of the participating songs entered and/or artists performing in the contest in such a way that they cannot vote in complete independence and impartiality.

Past Eurovision participants involved

Which former Eurovision representatives feature in the jury line-up? Here are some of the known names within the Eurovision world!

  • Emmelie de Forest won the contest 2013 for Denmark;
  • Niamh Kavanagh won the 1993 contest for Ireland;
  • Bob Savenberg, who represented Belgium as part of the group Clouseau in 1991;
  • Hanne Haugsand, who represented Norway as part of the group Charmed in 2000;
  • Tom Dice, who represented Belgium in 2010;
  • Cristina Scarlat, who sang for Moldova in 2014;
  • Bojana Stamenov, who represented Serbia in 2015;
  • Aminata Savadogo, who represented Latvia in 2015;
  • Amber, who represented Malta in 2015;
  • Laura Tesoro, who represented Belgium in 2016.

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