Lisbon Bound: Israel takes to the stage for first rehearsals

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Rehearsals have begun in the host city of Lisbon, in which artists from countries across the first semi-final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest are taking to the Eurovision stage for the very first time. The fan favourite of the 2018 competition, Israel, is next up on stage today for their very first rehearsal in the arena.

It’s day one of rehearsals at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, where a total of 10 artists will be taking to the stage today for their first rehearsal on the official Eurovision stage. We now know how the stage looks, now let’s find out how it works!

Netta from Israel is the seventh artist to take to the stage today for her first rehearsal, in which the singer will compete in the first semi-final of the competition on the 8 May.

Netta brings her confidence and sass to the Eurovision stage for her first rehearsal, very much what we have come to expect from the Israeli representative following her past performances. Netta is wearing a red outfit, similar to the one featured in her music video.

The vocal looper which has been seen through various performances from the Israeli singer is being used on the Eurovision stage.

First look at Israel’s first rehearsal for Eurovision 2018

Israel’s backing dancers feature the same of those that appeared in the official Toy music video, singing backing vocals for Netta and performing the much discussed chicken dance on stage. You know what else appears onstage? Maneki-neko fortune cats.

Lots of red and golden colours fill the stage for Israel’s performance, continuing with the East Asian inspiration, with cameras panning across the performers as well as the audience.

This rehearsal very much seemed to be a technical trial, testing camera angles and such more so than the performance itself. Whilst at times today’s rehearsal was slightly messy, the performance is expected to be worked on ahead of the country’s second rehearsal.

Official first rehearsal clip of Israel 2018

Israel’s first rehearsal in images

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