Estonia: Janne Saar disqualified from Eesti Laul 2011

by Victor Hondal 306 views

Today, Estonian public broadcaster ERR have announced a change made to the original line-up published four days ago. The singer Janne Saar has been disqualified because her song Meeting the wolf was published before September 1st. Tiiu Kiik, who already participated in Eesti Laul 2010, fills the gap with the entry Second chance.

Also, the rumours suggesting that Mimicry's song The storm was in breach of the September 1st rule have not been proved and therefore the group will be able to compete for representing Estonia in Düsseldorf.

ERR have also confirmed that the contestant Nicolas Hugo Behler Calzetta, known as El Mayonesa, is a legal resident in the Republic of Estonia, making him eligible to participate in Eesti Laul 2011.

Below you can listen to The one and only-love, Tiiu Kiik's entry in Eesti Laul 2010:

Semifinals of Eesti Laul 2011 will take place on February 12th and 19th, while the final will be held on February 26th at the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn.

Thanks to Sanka for the submission of the information.