Ticket sale for Jury Final starts at 12:00 CET

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 57 views

Today at 12:00 CET, tickets for the so-called Jury Final will go on sale! The Jury Final is a Dress Rehearsal for the Final, on which juries in all participating countries will base their verdict. This important rehearsal is identical to the Final, though without voting. The Jury Final will take place on Friday 13 May at 21:00 CET at the Dusseldorf Arena!

The tickets will go on sale online, on the website Dticket.de. This website is the only authorised reseller of tickets for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Host Broadcaster NDR and the EBU cannot guarantee authenticity of access for tickets purchased elsewhere.

Some 35,000 tickets will be available for the fans of Europe's favourite TV-show to attend the Jury Final on the 13th of May in the Düsseldorf Arena. The Jury Final show starts at 21:00 CET, tickets indicate at what time the doors of the arena will open for the public. Tickets are available starting at €19. The best tickets go on sale for €69. Up to four tickets can be purchased at the same time.

The tickets for the Semi-Final are expected to go on sale at the end of January as then it's clear which countries' participants will take part in which Semi-Final. Stay tuned!

What's happening: Tickets for the Jury Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest on 13 May 2011
When does ticket sale start: Wednesday 15 December, 12:00 CET
How much do they cost: Between €19 and €69
Where can I buy them: Dticket.de