Switzerland sends Anna Rossinelli to Eurovision

by Victor Hondal 126 views

The Swiss national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was held tonight. 12 acts competed in Die grosse Entscheidungs Show. Viewers via televoting have decided that Anna Rossinelli will fly the Swiss flag in Düsseldorf next May with the song In love for a while.

The 2011 Eurovision Song Contest already has its first competitor selected tonight: Anna Rossinelli has been chosen by the Swiss public to represent the Alpine country in Düsseldorf. Anna will sing the song In love for a while. Anna was one of the seven singers to qualify from the internet selection held by the German-speaking broadcaster SF.

Complete results

No. Performer Tele
1 Anna Rossinelli 23.93%
2 Bernarda Brunovic 13.36%
3 Ilira and The Colours 13.05%
4 CH 11.73%
5 The Glue 8.21%
6 Sarah Burgess 7.7%
7 Aliose 6.49%
8 Polly Duster 4.36%
9 Andrina 3.3%
10 Scilla 2.88%
11 Duke 2.66%
12 Dominique Borriello 2.33%

The winning performance