Live: National final in Switzerland

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The first national final of the 2011 season, Switzerland's Die grosse Entscheidungs Show, is about to start. Twelve acts will compete tonight for the honour of representing Switzerland in Düsseldorf.

How to watch

  • Liveon SF1, TSR2 and RSI-Rete 2at 20:05 CET
  • Webcast(Available within Switzerland only)
  • Webcast(Official SF1 stream, available worldwide)
  • Webcast(Available worldwide)

The line-up

  1. Polly Duster –Up to you
  2. Duke –Waiting for ya
  3. Andrina –Drop of drizzle
  4. Bernarda Brunovic –Confidence
  5. Anna Rossinelli –In love for a while
  6. Aliose –Sur les paves
  7. Dominique Borriello –Il ritmo dentro di noi
  8. Scilla –Barbie Doll
  9. CH –Gib nid uf
  10. Ilira and The Colors –Home
  11. Sarah Burgess –Just me
  12. The Glue –Come what may


The show has started. The host welcomes the audience and the 12 candidates are being introduced with a video.

The five Eurovision experts are now being presented. They will not have any power in tonight's decision, but they will have their say on the 12 entries.

It's time for the songs.

1. Polly Duster –Up to you

Up to youis a catchy pop-rock-style song. It is undoubtedly a happy songs, transmitting good vibrations to those who listen to it. It is remarkable to say that all of the member of the group (all male) are wearing skirts. Rock songs usually don't score well in Eurovision, but this entry gives an overall impression above average.Good staging and good vocals. Stong beginning for tonight's show.

2. Duke -Waiting for ya

Barrels in fire on stage for the second performance of the night. Waiting for ya can be called a rap song, with some symphonic and choralelements, American-influenced. The female voice adds to the song. The overall impression is positive, although, as in the previous case, Eurovision voters traditionally don't support this type of entries.

3. Andrina –Drop of drizzle

First pop ballad of the night is Drop of drizzle by Andrina. Andrina's vocals suit quite well this type of musical compositions. One of the youngest entrants tonight delivers a confident performance, although the song is not appealing enough. It has to be mentioned that most of the entries in tonight's show are in English, and this is the third in a row. We have to congratulate SF on a good production, lighting, acoustics and webstreamfor the national final.

4. Bernarda Brunovic –Confidence

A classical pop ballad makes the fourth performance of the night. Unlike in previous entries, the stage is clear, with only Bernarda and three backing vocalists on it. The song conveys a beautiful message and Bernarda's vocals are one of the best so far. Maybe this song needs something more to stand a chance of winning tonight.

5. Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while

Orchestral elements for the fifth performance of the show. Anna seems very confident on stage, which can be seen on her voice, powerful and strong. In love for a while is not what we call a traditional Eurovision song. It is original, romantic, with some touch of the seventies.It has a gentle tune that makes you shake your feet in joy.

6. Aliose – Sur les pavés

We are already halfway through the 12 performances tonight. The sixth entry is the only song performed in French in the Swiss national final. Aliose has been tipped as one of the favourites to win the ticket to Düsseldorf. Sur les pavés is a typical French ballad, sweet -some might say sugary- which suits Aliose's voice très très bien. In cases like this we may well wish to have the orchestra back in Eurovision.

7. Dominique Borriello – Il ritmo dentro di noi

Dominique is the representative of the Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland tonight. And, of course, brings a latin flavour to the Bodensee Arena. It seems that the Italian language is fashionable this year, with the return of Italy and maybe San Marino. Could 2011 see three songs in Italian? We will have to wait and see. Il ritmo dentro di noi reminds of several Italian songs from the 90s. Though not really catchy.

8. Scilla – Barbie Doll

More fire! The Swiss seem to like it! Barbie Doll is another song that could win the national final, according to the fans' preferences. Scilla delivers a powerful performance, in accordance to the type of song she is singing – clearly a rock tune. The girl reigns on stage and conveys a feeling of self-confidence. Viewers can see she is enjoying her performance. Watch out for her tonight.

9. CH – Gib nid uf

CH are responsible for the only song in German tonight. It is a pop-rock song, with a British touch. it is worth to mention that orchestral instuments are quite a recurring element in most of the songs of the show. The band dominates the stage, with good vocals, transmitting good vibrations to the viewers. Modern song, but nothing special, easily forgettable.

10. Ilira and The Colors – Home

Number 10 in the running order are favourites to lift the Swiss trophy and win the passport to neighbouring Germany. Ilira, who has Albanian roots, is completely dressed in black, which together with the stage elements, the piano, the smoke, etc. helps create a mysterious atmosphere. The song could be allocated in the 'ballad' category, in crescendo, with good instrumentation and arrangements.

11. Sarah Burgess -Just me

An American in the Swiss selection for Eurovision. Sarah seems to be one of the public's favourite acts tonight, as they cheer loudly when she appears on stage. Sarah appears dressed in a colourful, flowery dress, just like the stage screens. Her song, very American like her, could easily be from one of the Disney Channel's stars. Appealing for teenagers, maybe this song could be more suitable for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Once again, fire and Swiss flags applenty.

12. The Glue – Come what may

Last act to perform in the Swiss national final is The Glue. Come what may is absolutely different to the rest of the entries of the night: it is sang completely a capella. All the music effects that we can hear are produced by the throats of the members of The Glue. A capella songs usually don't score high in Eurovision. The last example was Latvia 2006. Anyway, good voices, well combined, and original tune to close tonight's performances in Switzerland.

This concludes tonight's performances. A voting window will now open for the viewers to support their favourite entry(ies).

The results of the show will be announced shortly, and we will finally know who is going to represent Switzerland next year in Düsseldorf.


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