Azerbaijan: Nikola Barkley, wildcard in the final

by Victor Hondal 105 views

In today's show of the 4th week of the Azerbaijani selections, it has been announced that Nikola Barkley, who came second in the previous semifinal, has been granted a place in the final as a wildcard. The jury decided that Nikola deserves another chance as they were “amazed” by her vocal skills.

The Scottish singer now becomes the fourth finalist in Azerbaijan. This is how the provisory line-up for the country's final looks like:

  • Chingiz Mustafayev
  • Nurlan Növresli
  • Günay Ibrahimli
  • Nikola Barkley

The fourth week of the Azerbaijani preselection is now running. On Friday we will know the name of the fifth finalist.

Below you can watch a couple of Nikola's performances:

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