Ukraine: NTU change Eurovision selection system

by Victor Hondal 199 views

Ukrainian public broadcaster NTU have made changes to their Eurovision 2011 selection process. The shows broadcast to date, which were supposed to be semifinals, have turned into quarterfinals. The semifinal stage has kicked off today, starting with a kind of second chance show to choose via televoting non-qualifying acts from the quarterfinals. The first semifinal has taken place right after.

Five contestants whodid not pass the quarterfinalswere granted aspot in the semifinals via SMS voting: Pavlo Tabakov, Zaklopky, Neksi,Mila Nitich and Vitaly Halay. Another four were appointed by the jury: El Kravchuk, Armiya, Vladislav Levitsky and Para Normalnyh.

Immediately after this voting, the first Ukrainian semifinal took place, featuring eight acts. From the first semifinal we have five qualifyers:

  • Bahroma – Eyo imya
  • Zhemchug – Hero
  • Vitaly Halay – My expression
  • Zlata Ognevych – The kukushka
  • Vladislav Levitsky – Love

Other three acts didn't go through: Neksi, Para Normalnyh and Tatiana Vorzheva.

A total of three semifinals will be held during this month, featuring eight acts each.