Estonia: Elina Nechayeva on her projection dress issue

by Stratos Agadellis 2,675 views

Following the reports talking about the difficulties that the Estonian national broadcaster ETV may face in financing Elina Nechayeva’s projection dress, more information has been released regarding the issue, with the soprano singer expressing her own views.

Elina: “The dress is the only solution!

Elina Nechayeva spoke openly and presented the existence of this dress as an integral part of her performance, as the result of the contest is quite based on each participant’s staging. Moreover, she refered to the international exposure and interest that the Estonian Eurovision 2018 participation has garnered, so such an investment could work as a national advertising project. Here are her words:

Just like this story, classical vocal and electronic music, super symbiosis, this dress is just what makes this story special. What I want is to concentrate on the Eurovision preparations, because I would like to give my love back to the people who voted for me and held my hand. But it is sad when we have to deal with problems like this.

However, I hope that everything will work well and I will be able to perform with it on stage. This dress would be the only solution.

Mart Normet on negotiations

We also had new statements from the Baltic country’s Head of Delegation Mart Normet, who asserted that the delegation’s efforts and contacts with agencies to raise money are becoming more intense, as Estonia is among this year’s favorites, something that hasn’t happened for a long time.

We have talked with various ministers, EAS and even the e-Residency program, just in case that someone can find national marketing money, because Elina is clearly one of the favorites.

In fact, we have been with Elina’s manager in a constant dialogue on budget issues. This contribution is still a five-digit number, but we are not talking only about the projection, we also have included Elina’s clothes, the whole set.

For a long time, we haven’t received such international attention and praise for an Estonian Eurovision entry. Elina Nechayeva is a great business card for the whole of Estonia, for all of us.

The conclusion that can be drawn is that the Estonian delegation seems decided and persistent to find the required budget for the necessary equipment for their stage performance. Will they make it?

Estonia will be performing 9th at the first semi-final on 8 May. The country is currently the bookers’ second favorite for the victory in Lisbon, following Israel’s Netta and Toy.

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