Estonia: ETV unable to cover costs for Elina Nechayeva’s dress performance?

by Stratos Agadellis 4,610 views

It’s all about money! It can solve, but it can also create lots of problems. Such as in Estonia’s case, which currently seems to be in search of funding for the upcoming Eurovision appearance of their entrant Elina Nechayeva. According to the calculated costs, the required amount could be characterized as more than high for ETV.

How much will it cost?

According to reports, Elina’s projection dress performance can be very expensive for Estonia’s broadcaster, namely about 65,000 Euros. Speaking in numbers, the Estonian Head of Delegation Mart Normet, was clear about the equipment and the amount of money that will be needed:

The most expensive projector to rent on the Estonian market is 1,100 Euros a day. Eurovision needs a much more powerful projector, which is not available in Estonia. But even if the price is 1,100 euros a day, they will need three projectors, which will make it 3,300 Euros a day!

Keeping in mind that the projection equipment will be useful for several weeks until Eurovision (as the rehearsals are underway), the Estonian national broadcaster ETV will possibly face difficulties with covering the required costs. In fact, Mart Normet admitted that since Eesti Laul (Estonia’s national selection event) is not a profitable event, there isn’t such a large budget at the moment.

Nevertheless, the HoD took a definite stand on the issue and stated that since the country ranks high in all polls and odds and is amongst this year’s hot favourites, such an investment is probably necessary and can be proven as beneficial. Here are his words:

The amount is reasonable, although it may seem unacceptable to the common sense. However, since the performance of Estonia consists of two important cornerstones – the song and the projection – both of them are needed to bring together an invincible set.

Now all that remains to be seen is which the broadcaster’s final decisions will be and if Elina will take to the Eurovision stage as impressive as expected or not. What’s going to happen? Will it be easy for them to raise at least 65,000 Euros?

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Estonia, with Elina Nechayeva and her song La forza is set to perform 9th at the first semi-final on 8 May.