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Dalma is one of the Romanian pop stars that participates this year in the Romanian national final with the song titled Song for you composed by Liviu Elekes while the lyrics were penned by his wife Roxanna. Dalma talked exclusively on and revealed all the details on how the song was composed, about her X-factor UK experience and of course on what we will see on the final.

Hello Dalma, tell us some things about you.

First, I’m not afraid of working hard for what I love. I grew up in a musical family, everybody I’m related to either sings or plays an instrument. I started playing guitar when I was little and I kept growing musically from there. I’ve done great things in life so far and I’m looking forward to continue on my ascending track. I’ve been working with a lot of people in the music field, singing from rock to jazz and almost every musical genre. I won several music contests in Romania. A highlight was being part of the cast in a musical staged in San Francisco, and now, the third consecutive participation in the finals of the Romanian Eurovision Song Contest. I just begun working with a new band and I’m very excited… I guess the greatest part of my busy life is just starting!

How the collaboration with Liviu Elekes came up? Tell us something about the song.

My agent told me that Liviu called to let us know he wrote a song for me. A couple of days later I listened to the song for the first time. It was completely different than what I’ve heard so far and I found myself in the lyrics written by his lovely wife Roxana. The song is pretty universal, it talks about the doubt in love which eventually comes up in everybody’s life, especially before marriage. It is more interesting because it reflects real feelings, Liviu and Roxana married just 3 months ago. “Song For Him” is about a woman that expresses her feelings directly, she is dreaming, she says it, she is angry, again, here it is! Finally, she gets over her fears and realizes that she can only win if she plays the game and takes the gamble of “love”.

For the actual sound of the track Liviu is responsible, he wrote it in a retro style which matches perfectly with my musical personality and refines what I’ve started with “Love Me Sweet” single last year. He recorded the backing track with real instruments, vintage equipment, my microphone was made in 1940…which I think it’s really cool and real, just like the message of the song.

You have participated 2 more times in Romanian national finals, what makes this year diferent from the past times?

Initially I wanted a break from Eurovision because I just started a new live project with my band, but Liviu insisted to at least go in his studio and listen to the song. I’ve declined other composers, too, for this year’s contest but in the end I decided to give “Song For Him” a try. It was literally written for me so that made it special enough. I don’t want to sound narcissistic and I’m not, but for a singer it is really important for the composer to have really intended that track for their voice. So I have a powerful message, a song that is suited for me like a glove, you know what they say: “three strikes and you’re out!” This is my third strike, I’m out… maybe to Dusseldorf!

We know that you have been inLondonfor the X-factor. What is more dificult -knowing Simon Cowell and the jury there or thejury in the Romanian final?

Both contests are very different so the jury and the rules are too. The Romanians are looking for a song to represent them and also a very good voice. When we talk about Simon Cowell and the other judges from the X-Factor, we talk about people who are searching for the next big thing, regardless of the voice and style and really they searching for the ratings factor. They want something strange and shocking that was never seen before, while the Romania they are looking mainly at the music. With the X-Factor, out of 250.000 I only made it in the last 100 so I think I fulfill the Romanian jury’s desires a lot easier, being in the first 13 of the contest…

What will we see in the final? Any preparations for the stage performance?

I like to do things on stage that people do not expect from me to do. A little shock factor gives the people that “I want to see that again” feeling. The judges seem to not care that much about this but I think the audience wants that. I did that two years in a row and I think I learned something. Last year I was not allowed to produce my show like I planned it because of the circus where the Finals took place. My team and I already started the preparations, we want to keep the show simple and honest, like the song’s message.

Have you heard the other songs? What do you think about them?

I noticed a comeback of retro sounds in some of the songs which makes me really happy. That means that good music is back in town! I really like some of the other compositions, no wonder Romania is competing every year in the Finals of Eurovision Song Contest since 2002! We’re good! 😉

Which is your favorite Eurovision entry ever and which is your Romanian favorite song?

My most favourite Eurovision entry is Helena Paparizou’s “My Number One”. I like the song so much that I cover it in almost every private party I’m invited to perform. The most interesting and well-written Romanian song for Eurovision was “Let Me Try” performed by Luminita Anghel and Sistem. They offered a show that I think it’s one of the best shows ever in Eurovision history. I still get goose-bumps when I look at the live video. No wonder they got the best place in Romanian Eurovison history.

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Stick to the music that transforms you, positive songs. I love those tracks that once I listen they change and charge me., I have this “Song For You!” and the message is clear and straightforward: “ Dare to love one another!”. would like to thank Dalma for this interview and wish her best of luck.