Tonight: Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

by Victor Hondal 168 views

The capital city of Belarus, Minsk, will host the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Fourteen countries will compete to succeed Netherlands' Ralf, winner of the 2009 edition of the event.

The Minsk Arena show tonight will also welcome Alexander Rybak, winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway and born in Belarus, and Dimitry Koldun, Belarussian representative in 2007 and author of the Unicef song A day without war, to be performed tonight during the event.

This is the full list of competing countries and representatives tonight:

  1. Lithuania: Bartas – Oki doki
  2. Moldova: Stefan Roscovan – Ali Baba
  3. The Netherlands: Anna & Senna – My family
  4. Serbia: Sonja Skoric – Carobna noc / Magical night
  5. Ukraine: Yulika Gurska – Mii litak
  6. Sweden: Josefine Ridell – Allt jag vill ha
  7. Russia: Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin – Boy and girl
  8. Latvia: Sarlote & Sea Stones – Viva la dance
  9. Belgium: Jill & Lauren – Get up!
  10. Armenia: Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama
  11. Malta: Nicole – Knock knock!… Boom! Boom!
  12. Belarus: Daniil Kozlov – Muzyki Svet
  13. Georgia: Mariam Kakhelishvili – Mari dari
  14. FYR Macedonia: Anja Veterova – Eooo, eooo

The show will commence at 20:15 CET. You can watch it here (Octoshape plugin needed).

What is your favourite entry? Can you predict the outcome of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know your thoughts about tonight's event in the comments sectionbelow.