Croatia: Dora definitely goes back to Zagreb

by Laura Gudim 83 views

Dora, the Croatian national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, will return to the country's capital city Zagreb next year after four years in the small Adriatic resort of Opatija.

As previously reported by, Dora 2011 will take the form of a reality show. Croatia last achieved a top ten place at the Eurovision Song Contest with Goran Karan in 2000, and the failure of Feminnem to reach the final of this year's contest has obviously made the poweres that be in the Entertainment section of national broadcaster HRT realise that it's time for a change.

Having observed this year's winner from Germany, HRT has decided to choose a representative in the same way that the Germans chose Lena.

Entrants must be Croatian citizens aged 16 or over. HRT stress that the contest is open to unknown acts as well as big names from the Croatian showbiz scene.

Dora 2011 will consist of seven programmes, in which entrants will perform songs live. In the first and second programmse twelve acts will participate and six will be eliminated according to a public vote. In the third programme the twelve participants with the most votes from the first two programmes will compete. In the fourth programme six acts will compete, the two of which get the least votes will be eliminated. In both the fifth and sixth programme, one act will be eliminated.

Only viewers will be able to vote in the first six shows. The first show will take place on 22nd January and the big final on 5th March. In the final show two acts will compete, and will sing three songs put forward by HRT by famous Croatian songwriters. The result will decided by a 50/50 jury/televote.