Lithuania most likely to enter Eurovision 2011

by Victor Hondal 73 views

A year ago, Lithuania was seriously in danger of not entering the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest due to the broadcaster LRT did not have enough money to fund their participation. Finally, an agreement with communications company Teo LT was reached and hence Lithuania secured their spot in Oslo. Despite the fact that financial problems still persist, it seems that the country will not miss the competition in Düsseldorf, according to Lithuanian Head of Delegation Audrius Girzadas.

"The likelihood" for Lithuania to participate in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest "is 90%", Mr Girzadas told the newspaper Lietuvos Rytas.

Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT is currently holding talks with potential sponsors in order to secure funding for their 2011 Eurovision quest. "So far I can not disclose with whom we negotiate, but they are solid supporters", stated Mr Girzadas. Last year, Teo LT, a communications company, sponsored Lithuania's Eurovision project, providing a yet unknown sum of money – which anyway was no less than 300,000 litas (90,000 euro), the cost of the Eurovision preparations in the country.

A final decision is expected to be made by November 26th. "We prepare a letter to agree to participate. This agreement will still be reversible, but we hope that it will not be necessary", revealed the Lithuanian Head of Delegation.

Following the parties' proposals, the European Broadcasting Union will report the amount of the entry fee.All the formalities are expected to be solved by the end of the year.Once it is clear and official that Lithuania will participate in the contest, the selection rules and regulations will be made public.

"This year we have seen artists complain that the selection was announced very late and they did not have time to prepare properly.So now I call for them to prepare songs", concluded Mr Girzadas.