Romania: Finalists for 2011 Eurovision selection announced

by Alexandru Busa 87 views

TVR, the Romanian national broadcaster, organised a special press conference at Bucharest's Howard Johnson Hotel. The main topic of the discussions was, of course, the national selection for next year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The thirteen acts that will grace the stage of Romania's national selection are the following :

  1. Hotel FM – Change (Gabriel Baruta)
  2. Directia 5 – Cinema Love (Marian Ionescu)
  3. Laurentiu Cazan – We Can Change the World (Laurentiu Cazan)
  4. Bogdan Dima – Bang Bang (Mihai Alexandru)
  5. Elena Laeticia Moisescu – Dreaming of You (Play & Win)
  6. Dan Helciug – My Facebook Girl (Dan Helciug)
  7. Dragos Chircu& Anthony Ikwuagwu Uchenna – Open Your Eyes (Cristian Faur)
  8. Jakab Noemi, Miciu Elena & Stamiloiu Cristina – Take Me Down (Alexandru Berehoi, Sergiu Gelu Ene)
  9. Blaxy Girls – It's so Fine (Costi Ionita)
  10. Adrian Cristescu – One by One (Adrian Cristescu)
  11. Dalma Kovacs – Song for Him (Liviu Elekes)
  12. Silvia Stefanescu – I Can't Breath Without You (Elvin Dandel)
  13. Claudia Cream – I Want U To Want Me (Andrei Filip, Johan Kjell Fransson, Pontus Mats Assarsson, Mikael Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren Lars

The draw for the running order will take place on November 20that TVR's headquarters via Marina Almasan-Socaciu's TV show, Ne vedem la TVR! Johnny Logan, also known as Mr. Eurovision will be the special guest of the evening.

A photogallery for the TVR press conference can be seen here .