Croatia: Dora 2011 becomes a reality show

by Alexandru Busa 114 views

The new Eurovision decade is being highlighted by the decision of more and more television broadcasters around Europe to change the format of their national selection shows. The latest country to do so is Croatia as Hrvatska Radiotelevizija decided to start a new reality show in order to elect their Eurovision hopeful.

The whole show is due to take place in the Zagreb studios of HRT and will last for about two months under the theme 'Let's go to Eurovision!'.

'We began extensive preparations for a big and brand new project related to the competition of the Croatian song for Eurovision 2011 with the assistance of the Croatian Radio and Music Productions, will prepare a series of seven major show of Saturday prime time programs', says Elizabeth Homs, entertainment editor of HTV.

The winner of Dora 2011 will perform the song that will represent the Northern Balkan country at the 56th edition of Europe's favourite TV show. As for the winning composition, HRT will select a song after the reality show concludes.

Despite being a pre-contest favourite, Croatia failed to qualify for the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.