Discover Lisbon: The 10 must see attractions in the city!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,395 views

ESCToday in collaboration with Urban Adventures brings you the Discover Lisbon series of articles in order to introduce you to the 2018 Eurovision host city Lisbon. Today we will have at the 10 must see attractions in the Eurovision host city.

Lisbon is a bustling city with thousands of tourists visiting the Portuguese capital every year. There’s lots to do and see in the city and there is always something for everyone’s gusto! We have gathered 10 of the must see attractions of the city for you!

1. Castelo de São Jorge ( St. Jorge Castle)

Castelo de São Jorge offer magnificent views of Lisbon (photo credit:

The Castelo de São Jorge (St. George’s Castle) dominates the Lisbon skyline with its majestic towers looming over the Portuguese capital. The castle boasts of many viewpoints from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

The fortification was built in the 11th century and showcases its Moorish heritage and history. Today only 11 of the castle’s towers remain. Visitors are mesmerised by the fortification’s architecture, walls and walkways.This is a must when you visit Lisbon!

2. Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument of the Discoveries)

The Discovery Monument in Lisbon

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Discovery Monument) is one of Lisbon’s celebrated landmarks of the city and an ode to Portugal’s golden age of exploration and nautical heritage. You can recognize many of the Portuguese explorers and sailors depicted in the sculptures including Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Barthomelew Dias, Pedro Alvares Cabral.

This monumental sculpture was built on the shores of the Tagus River in 1940 for the Portguese World Expo. You will find this monument close to the Belem Tower in Belem.

3. Torre de Belém ( Belém Tower)

The majestic Belem Tower is one of Portugal’s key landmarks

You should not miss Lisbon’s main landmark, the iconic Belem Tower which is located in the Belem district. The tower is amongst the few monument that remains from the great earthquake that destroyed Lisbon.

The Belem Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it pays tribute to the country’s nautical and seefaring heritage. The iconic tower was commisioned by King João II  of Portugal in order to defend Lisbon from enemy ships and was completed in 1514.

4. Jerónimos Monastery

One should not miss a visit to the splendid Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon

Located in Lisbon’s Belem you will find the magnificent 16th Century Monastery of Jeronimos, one of Lisbon’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. This dwelling is one of the city’s most popular attractions with its unique architecture and heritage.

The Monastery was built by King Manuel I of Portugal and is the burial site of many celebrated Portuguese personalities such as Vasco da Gama. The monastery is built near the watefront of the Tagus River and is very close to both the Discovery Monument and the Belem Tower, all located in Belem.

5. Oceanário de Lisboa

The Oceanario de Lisboa will enchant you with its marine life!

The Oceanario de Lisboa (Lisbon Ocenarium) is located just a hop from the Eurovision venue Altice Arena at Parque do Naçaoes in Lisbon. The oceanarium is one of the world’s best aquariums boasting of more than 1 million visitors a year and is Portugal’s most popular attraction.

You will be able to see more than 8,000 marine creatures in this large public aquarium. The Lisbon Ocearium opened it doors in 1998 during Lisbon’s Expo 98 and consists of two buildings; the Oceans Building and the Seas Building.

6. Praça do Comércio and Rua Augusta

The iconic Praça do Comerçio

The Praça do Comerçio (Terreiro do Paço) is pretty much the heart of Lisbon and is located on the waterfront of the Tagus River. The 2018 Eurovision Village and Euroclub will be located here.

From the iconic square you can walk through the Augusta Arch and take a stroll at Rua Augusta, one of Lisbon’s most popular shopping streets. You can go up the Augusta Arch and enjoy a magnificent view of the city overlooking both Rua Augusta and Praça do Comerçio.

7. Bairro Alto

The city that never sleeps, Lisbon’s Bairro Alto is where the heart beats during the night.

Bairro Alto is one of Lisbon’s oldest and most traditional neighbourhoods and has become one of the hottest night spots of the Portuguese capital. Here you can find many cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs. During the day you can stroll through its picturesque streets and check out the quaint shops.

8. Santa Justa Lift

Don’t miss a ride on the Santa Justa lift!

The Santa Justa Elevator is one of the most visited attractions in the city where one can experience some of the most splendid panoramic views of the city from here including Baixa, Castelo, the Tagus River and the Convento do Carmo.

The elevator’s steel tower was constructed in 1902 and is forty five meters high. The lift connects the Baixa Pombalina and Chiado neighbourdhoods of Lisbon. Make sure you take lots of pictures!

9. Alfama

Alfama will give you a true essence of Lisbon!

Alfama is one of the most visited and popular districts of the Portuguese capital with its picturesque colourful buildings and houses. This is indeed the oldest part of Lisbon with ruins dating back to Roman times.

Visitors will be mesmerised by its cobblestone lanes, steep alleys, picturesque inclines and some of the most breathtaking views of the majestic city. This district is the heart of Fado music where you will find many restaurants and Fado houses where you can experience a Fado show.

The Sao Jorge Castelo, Se Cathedral, Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Miradouro de Graça, Fado Museum, Miradouro do Senhora do Monte, São Vicente de Fora Convent and Church, Santa Engrácia  Church etc.can all be found in Alfama.

10. Tram # 28

You will have an unforgettable experience when you ride tram #28 in Lisbon!

You can’t come to Lisbon and not experience a tram ride in the city! Tram #28 runs between Graça and Prazeres and pretty much rides through some of the city’s main attractions and hot spots including: Chiado, Estrela, Baixa, Campo de Ourique etc. You will be able to admire the historic neighbourhoods, palaces, churches, hills, squares and narrow streets during the ride.

Bem-vindo a Lisboa! Welcome to Lisbon!