Spain: TVE to filter entries for 2011 selection

by Victor Hondal 198 views

The head of the RTVE Corporation, Mr Alberto Oliart, stated yesterday at the Spanish Congress of Deputies that the broadcaster will automatically disqualify any “controversial or disrispectful” entry from the 2011 selection for Eurovision. The aim, according to Mr Oliart, would be to guarantee “quality and (high) artistic level”.

To prevent joke acts, nasty behaviour, or bids intending to corrupt the nature of the selection, TVE will create an internal comittee or jury that will filter all the submissions before entering the open competition.

According to the president of the Corporation, RTVE "will oversee that all the candidate songs meet the EBU's requirements, which is what we did last year – they must be unpublished, no longer than 3 minutes and lyrics not containing unacceptable words, expressions or behaviour".

Also, during the session, it was mentioned the cost of participating in Eurovision. Opposition party PP (conservative) claimed that "in recent editions, participation has been expensive, around 285,000 euro, which really is a waste of money according to the results". This political group added that "austerity" should be the rule to follow given that the citizens are "worried about the high unemployment and economical crisis".