Slovenia: Darja Svajger wins the Slovenska Popevka Song Contest

by Edward Montebello 117 views

Two time Slovenian representative Darja Svajger triumphed in the Slovenska Popevka Song Contest. The 48th edition of this Slovenian popular festival took place last Sunday in Ljubljana.

Darja Svajger won jury's best song award while competing with the song Otok ljubezni (Island of Love). The duo Katja Fasink and Rok Ferengja won the public vote with the song Nova pomlad (A New Spring). The festival which was broadcasted on TV is organised annually in the country. Dozens of Slovenian artists use the Slovenska Popevka Song Contest to introduce their new songs.

In the past editions various Slovenian Euro-artists competed and won this festival. This includes Nuša Derenda, Anzej Dezan and Alenka Gotar. Darja Svajger represented Slovenia in 1995 and 1999. In her first participation she received a respectable 7th place with the song Prisluhni mi. Four years later she ended up in the 11th place with the song For A Thousand Years.

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