Norway: Alexander Rybak in Malta

by Edward Montebello 230 views

Alexander Rybak speaks to about how the Eurovision Song Contest served as a gateway for the development of his career in Europe. The 2009 Eurovision winner states that he will never return as a singer but he may enter again in the contest as a composer.

The Norwegian star was on a two day visit in Malta to perform in a charity concert and a private function organised by the Russian Boarding School in Malta. Alexander Rybak referred to his victory in Moscow and explained his attitude towards the contest. He spoke how European is his music and committed himself to stay in the European market instead of expanding on worldwide.

Rybak spoke about his recent album No Boundaries. He mentioned how the Eurovision Song Contest opened the doors for him. He adviced upcoming artists to not look only for money but to enrich their hearts and souls by music. The 24 year old singer said that there is nothing wrong with artists who already competed in the Eurovision Song Contest and return back. The Belarussian born star invited his fans to keep on following him and enjoy his music. This morning he left Malta for Ukraine.

Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest with a record of 387 points. Watch the interview and some of his performance in Malta.

Interviewwith Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak performing Fairytale

Alexander Rybak performing Europe Skies