TOP TEN: No. 1

by Marcus Klier 106 views

The 15th TOP TEN list continues today with the place no. 1 being announced. As revealed on Saturday, this week's topic are the TOP TEN least successful returning winners.

The list features lead singers, composers and lyricists who returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after having already won it. The ranking is based on the placing compared to the number of participants. The following rules were taken into account for the list:

  1. If someone returned more than once, only the participation right after the winning one is considered.
  2. In the case of a tie, the number of points achieved is being considered.
  3. Only returns in the same "category" are regarded, i.e. a singer had to return as a singer and a songwriter had to return as a songwriter to qualify for the ranking. Still, no difference between composer and lyricist is being made.
  4. If a winning singer returned as a backing vocalist, this participation is not eligible for the list.

So we continue…

No. 1 – Eddy Marnay

Eddy Marnay was the lyricist of the French entry in 1969. Un jour, un enfant was performed by Frida Boccara and it scored 18 points reaching first place along with the entries from the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. In 1970, Eddy Marnay already returned to the Eurovision Song Contest – this time for Luxembourg – achieving the worst possible result: Je suis tombé du ciel finished unshared last with nul points. Only one other song managed not to get any points in the voting system used in 1957-1961, 1967-1970 and 1974. The performer of his song was David Alexandre Winter, who had withdrawn from the German national final in order to represent Luxembourg. In 1979, Eddy Marnay wrote the French entry again this time being far more successful reaching third place with Je suis l'enfant-soleil. The performer of the song was Anne-Marie David, another former winner.

Tomorrow, we will show the full list with all returning winners ever – but this time from best to worst. Furthermore, next week's topic will be revealed.

Meanwhile, you can take part in the polls below to determine the categories for the second TOP TEN Trivia Quiz, which will start on 4th October.