TOP TEN: No. 3 and 2

by Marcus Klier 49 views

The 15th TOP TEN list continues today with the places 3 and 2 being announced. As revealed on Saturday, this week's topic are the TOP TEN least successful returning winners.

The list features lead singers, composers and lyricists who returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after having already won it. The ranking is based on the placing compared to the number of participants. The following rules were taken into account for the list:

  1. If someone returned more than once, only the participation right after the winning one is considered.
  2. In the case of a tie, the number of points achieved is being considered.
  3. Only returns in the same "category" are regarded, i.e. a singer had to return as a singer and a songwriter had to return as a songwriter to qualify for the ranking. Still, no difference between composer and lyricist is being made.
  4. If a winning singer returned as a backing vocalist, this participation is not eligible for the list.

So we continue…

No. 3 – Dick Shallies and Willy van Hemert

In 1959, the Netherlands were the first country to win the Eurovision Song Contest for a second time. Teddy Scholten was the performer of Een beetje, a song composed by Dick Shallies with lyrics by Willy van Hemert, who had already written the lyrics to the first Dutch winning song Net als toen. Already the year after, they wrote the Dutch entry again. Wat een geluk was performed by Rudi Carell in London and only scored two points thus finishing 12th and second last. Dick Shallies would compose the music to the Dutch entry in 1961 yet again but would only reach tenth place this time.

No. 2 – Corrie Brokken

Corrie Brokken is the only singer in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest who managed to both win the contest and finish last once. She had already performed the second Dutch entry in 1956 before winning in Frankfurt in 1957 with Net als toen. Just like Lys Assia had done in 1957, she returned to the contest right after her victory. However, her new song Heel de wereld only received one point from the Swiss jury thus finishing ninth tying for last place with Un grand amour from Luxembourg.

Tomorrow, we will continue with the no. 1 on the list.