TOP TEN: No. 1

by Marcus Klier 62 views

The twelfth TOP TEN list continues today with the place no. 1 being announced. As revealed on Saturday, this week's topic are the TOP TEN most popular entries that got no points.

The ranking is based on a poll that was held on over two weeks. All 36 entries that finished last with not points were in the running.

So we continue…

No. 1 – Remedios Amaya with ¿Quién maneja mi barca? (Spain 1983)

As always between 1979 and 1999, the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 was chosen internally. The broadcaster decided to go for Remedios Amaya and her song ¿Quién maneja mi barca?, which UK commentator Terry Wogan would later describe as "very, very ethnic". He also said that Spain deserved "credit for trying" but the juries obviously did not hear him as none of them gave Spain any points that year making it one of two countries getting nul that year. The title of the song translates as Who is sailing my boat?, but given the result in Munich she should have probably rather considered where her boat was sailing. Both song and performance were heavily criticised in the Spanish media and it took years until the singer could establish her as a popular artist, mainly in the genre of Flamenco music. In 2004, she still said on television that she was proud of her participation and considering how much that song became a fan favourite, it is no surprise.

It was the third and last time that Spain finished last with nul points – previously it had happened in 1962 and 1965.

Tomorrow, we will show the full poll results. Furthermore, we will take a look at some entries that almost became nul pointers but were saved due to lucky circumstances.