Malta: Claudia Faniello launches her 1st album

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Claudia Faniello launched her first album entitled Convincgly better today. This album follows her new single I hate this song released last month. This album is set to give Claudia a new step in her career as the style of the songs are different from what the Maltese star is used to sing.

The albumincludes eleven tracks was released with the collaboration of both local and foreign writers. The runner-up in the 2008 Maltese national final also worked with Mary Susan Applegate (co-writer of The Power of Love) who penned a song in Claudia’s debut album. The German record label Cap Sounds is behind the publishing of this album.

The album includes Faniello’s entry in this year’s Maltese selection. A new version of Samsara, penned by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg was recorded. Though it is similar to the version performed last February the song sounds stronger with the use of the timpani. Two more tracks are Midas Touch, one of the songs she competed with last year’s Maltese selection and Guardami. The latter is a song which managed to get shortlisted in the Young Category of the Italian prestigous festival Sanremo.

Competition: Claudia Faniello is offerring two signed copies of her album. Answer the following question:
What is the name of Claudia Faniello’s entry in the 2010 Maltese national final?

Send an email to [email protected] with your answer and postal address. Two lucky winners will be announced next month and will receive two signed copies of Claudia Faniello’s album. The competition runs until 31st August 2010.

Watch the footage below featuring a short interview with Claudia Faniello and performances of three songs from her album.

Claudia Faniello participated five times in the Maltese selection and she is one of the favourites amongst the local fans who follow the Eurovision Song Contest.

A special thanks to Claudio Cilia for filming this interview

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