TOP TEN: No. 7 and 6

by Marcus Klier 89 views

The tenth TOP TEN list starts today with the places 7 and 6 being announced. As revealed on Saturday, this week's topic are the TOP TEN least successful countries.

The ranking will feature countries that have taken part more than five times. It will be based on the average relative placing (i.e. the place in the contest compared to the number of participants) a country has achieved since its debut until today. Rules are:

  • Semi final results and final results are counted separately.
  • The qualifiying rounds of 1993 and 1996 will not be considered.
  • In the case of a tie, the country that won more often gets the higher place in the ranking.

An example:

The countries x took part in the contest three times and finished 4th out of 12, 4th out of 16 and 10th out of 20. The average relative placing for x is 36/100, which equals a 9th place among 25 contestants. All average placings will be given compared to 25 countries competing as this is the current number of finalists every year.

So here we start…

No. 7 – Slovenia

Slovenia's average relative placing since the country's debut in 1993 equals a 15.9th place among 25 contestants.

Slovenia had won the qualification round in 1993 but only reached a placing near the bottom in Millstreet. The second Slovene entry in 1995 (Prislunhi mi by Darja Svajger) was far more successful reaching seventh place, which remains the country's most successful result to date. In 2001, Nusa Derenda managed to equal that seventh place with her song Energy. The only other top ten placing in a final for Slovenia was achieved by Tanja Ribic in 1997 with her song Zbudi se.

Although Slovenia never finished last, none of their others entries were a major success. Between 2004 and 2010, the country managed to qualify for the final only once and they also had to go through relegation in 1994 and 2000. The worst results were achieved in 2004 and 2010 with second last places in the semi finals.

Second last place in the semi final 2004 – Platin with Stay forever:

No. 6 – Austria

Austria's average relative placing since the country's debut in 1957 equals a 16.1st place among 25 contestants.

Austria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and the first and to date only victory was achieved in 1966 already with Udo Jürgens and Merci chérie. Udo Jürgens had also performed the second most successful Austrian entry, which was Sag ihr, ich lass' sie grüßen the year before. The country also finished fith four times, most recently in 1989 with Thomas Forstner and Nur ein Lied.

Although Austria finished in the top ten a few other times, many entries were no success. Seven times, the country finished last – three times with zero points. Austria also often took breaks from competing: In 1969, 1970, 1972-1975, 2006 and 2008-2010 no entries were submitted. In 1998 and 2001, Austria was relegated and in 2005 and 2005, they did not qualiy from the semi final. It has already been announced that broadcaster ORF will return to the contest in 2011.

22nd and last with no points – Thomas Forstner sings Venedig im Regen in Rome:

Tomorrow, we will introduce no. 5 and 4 on the list.