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Euro-artists Thea Garrett and Marcin Mrozinski speak to about their music collaboration. The duo who met in Oslo will record a new song which will be released in Malta and Poland.

This year’s Polish representative is in Malta to kick-off with a new collaboration with 18 year old Thea Garrett. In a special interview Thea and Marcin spoke about the positive experience they gained from the Eurovision Song Contest. Both of them stated that they have no regrets from Oslo but did not give a conclusive answer whether they consider returning to the competition.

The duo explained that the Eurovision Song Contest was not their final destination but is a step in their musical career. They spoke about the combination of their vocals since both of them are in musical theatre. Marcin referred to his enjoyable experience while working in musicals while Thea spoke about the new song that she will record with the Polish singer. The Eurovision representatives will also record a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicalThe Phantom of the Opera.

Marcin Mrozinski and Thea Garrett will perform in a number of events held this week in Malta. A special thanks to Claudio Cilia for filming this interview.

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